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What are Stainless Steel Strip / Strip Coils?

A stainless steel strip/strip coil is a metal strip that is coated in a protective layer of nickel and chromium to protect it from corrosion. Stainless Steel alloy that contains 10% of chromium and 8% of Nickel. Nitriding is a process done by setting the strip at a higher temperature for removal of protective coating from metal and it makes it more durable. Also, Stainless Steel Alloy Coils are utilized in the heating process for furnaces that are made of Cu-Ni.


How Stainless Steel strips/Strip Coils are manufactured?

As the raw material, stainless steel strip or coil is cold rolled at room temperature. The standard thickness and width are 100 mm and 2000 mm, respectively. The process of producing stainless steel strip or strip coils is pickling average temperature, lubrication, annealing, standard leveling, precision cutting, and packaging for transportation.


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