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We manufacture all our products using high quality raw materials sourced from certified vendors and advanced technology equipment. All our materials and products are tested under various parameters right from the procurement of raw materials to the final delivery.

High Speed Laser Cutting

We are specialists in laser cutting and process wear resistant, armour and High Strength Low Alloy materials. Grades such as Hardox (most gauges kept ex-stock), Weldox, Abrazo, Armox, and Invar & Abro can all be processed up to 25mm thick. We carry a limited stock of these materials to facilitate a quick turnaround. We carry a range of Domex & Hardox material ex stock and process these materials regularly.

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Waterjet Cutting

Our Waterjet cutting system uses water at 50,000 psi and an abrasive garnet to cut virtually any material, including titanium! The intensifier pumps provide a 150 horsepower, allowing even better performance on thicker materials. Some of the advantages of waterjet include: Superior shape cutting ability. Cuts materials other methods can't, such as foam rubber, ceramic tile, marble, and glass. Handles a wide variety of materials with ease. ± 0.005" positioning accuracy. Eliminates predrilling entry holes. Less labor intensive than other methods. Can cut extremely thick materials (We have cut 8" thick copper!).

Plasma Cutting

aser profiling where cut angle was not an issue. Recent developments in the high precision/high definition plasma process have significantly improved the quality and capabilities of plasma cutting, making it a more versatile and accurate option than ever before. Application Suitability Plasma cutting is suitable for various materials particularly mild steels and stainless steels producing an excellent edge finish. Enhancements to the control systems now mean that optimum cutting performance for a range of materials and thicknesses from 1mm to 50mm in mild steel (dependent upon the power of the plasma unit) can be achieved. Parameters associated with cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses such as cutting speed, gas types and gas pressures can now be controlled automatically by the equipment, ensuring a consistently high cut quality. Users now have a truly cost effective alternative to other cutting processes.

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Programming and Inspection

  • FabriCAM software designed for cutting and forming sheet metal parts.
  • Mechanical Desktop and Inventor for AutoCAD compatibility.
  • CAM software supporting 3-axis vertical machining.
  • 3-station CAD/CAM programming center.
  • Supported file types: DWG, DXF, IGES, and many more.
  • Plot up to E size drawings.

Optical Inspection/Reverse Engineering

  • Fabrivision Optical Inspection/Reverse engineering system with 4' x 6' glass table.
  • Inspects parts and color codes geometry by tolerance.
  • CAM software supporting 3-axis vertical machining.
  • Scans a flat part to produce a drawing file.